Terms and Condition

At Spanisch à la Carte we strive to transparently and respectfully manage our school. 

By booking and purchasing any type of services at Spanisch à la Carte, you indicate that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. 

Please read them carefully and keep them for future reference. 

Cancellation of course participation: 

Spanisch à la Carte is willing to issue you a voucher for the course already paid but not attended. In case of illness and upon presentation of a medical certificate, you can receive a voucher for the missed course. This voucher can also be exchanged by another person for a course of the same type (e.g. group classes), or it can be used as part payment for a course of another type (e.g. private classes), in which case the difference must be paid. Refunds will not be made in cash. 

Cancellation of the class by the teacher: 

In case of illness of your teacher, he/she will contact you and your classmates at least 24 hours in advance. A new date for the class will be arranged. 

Cancellation of the group class: 

In case you cannot attend the class, you must notify the teacher via email or Whatsapp 48 hours in advance. The teacher will send you the assignments and activities done so you can do them at home and be up to date with the group. No refunds will be given for missed classes. 

Cancellation of the private class: 

In case you cannot attend the class, you must notify the teacher via email or Whatsapp 48 hours in advance. You and your teacher will arrange a new date. In case you do not inform the teacher within the described period, the class cannot be rescheduled and will be considered as a completed class. 


At the end of the whole Spanish level, you will receive a certificate from the school Spanisch a la Carte. If you have attended 80% of the classes you can request this document which will be sent to you via email, signed by Carleana Rosales de Gall, teacher certified by the University of Barcelona and by the Instituto Cervantes as official DELE teacher and founder of Spanisch à la Carte.

Cancellation of the course by Spanisch à la Carte:

The courses will be held as long as the minimum number of students required (2) for the development of the course is reached.

If for a course there are few registrations, less than two people, the school Spanisch à la Carte has the right to cancel the course. In this case:

  1. You can start a private course with us and the payment will be taken as part of the monthly fee. 
  2. You can wait until the opening of a new group course.
  3. You can request a voucher for a course. 
  4. You can ask for a refund. 

Cancellation of the class by the teacher:

If in case of force majeure a class cannot be held, the teacher will inform you directly and assign the new date for the class. 

Student’s book:

  1. The cost of the student’s book is not included in the price of the course. Information will be sent to you by e-mail and a separate invoice will be issued. 
  2. The student’s book is used for the entire level, includes the homework section and a DVD with the audio tracks. 
  3. The book will be sent by mail. 

Monthly payment:

Courses at the Spanisch à la Carte school are paid monthly. You have to pay up to three days before the beginning of the following course. The school or the teacher will let you know when. 


We reserve the right to make changes to the course program as well as price adaptations.

Discount coupons: 

In case you have a discount coupon, due to any promotional action carried out by Spanisch à la Carte, you will be able to include the code of the coupon at the time of purchase, applying the discount that corresponds to what is established in the promotional action in question. These discount coupons will not be cumulative in any case, you can use one for each new contract you make, not being able to be applied in conjunction with other promotions.

Rules of coexistence: 

You commit yourself to carry out the courses with respect to the rest of your fellow students, teachers and staff of Spanisch à la Carte, as well as to their academic discipline.

With respect to the group and private online courses, you commit yourself to respect the use and customs, to be punctual and not to interrupt or harm the normal development of the courses.

You will have to participate, study, and present the tasks that the teacher of Spanisch à la Carte will give you.

Kriens, December 2021

Carleana Rosales de Gall