Spanish A1

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Surprise everyone with your first words and expressions in Spanish. 

In this course you will learn:

  • Give and ask for personal information (greetings and farewells).
  • Express intentions.
  • Explain the reasons for what you do and talk about what you can do in other languages. 
  • Talk about the climate and weather. 
  • Describing places, expressing existence and location.

Start communicating in Spanish. 

1 lesson: 50CHF
4 lessons: 200 CHF
If you are outside Switzerland you must convert from Swiss Francs to your local currency.


Day of the week



1 month


4 lessons of 60 minutes duration

Level required

no knowledge


Min. 2; Max. 6



Student's book

Not included in the price






Spanish A1

Learn to speak Spanish from scratch, without complications and in 60 minute sessions. 

Because, listen to this, I have found that more than 60 minutes is too long to be focused on an activity.  I know from experience that learning in front of the computer is more demanding than being in a classroom.  I personally like to dedicate myself to you and your learning, that's why this course is composed of live sessions where you will be constantly talking.  You may be surprised by this. Can you imagine a class where you are the protagonist and you have a person dedicated to you during all your learning? 

More for you: 

in addition to the live sessions you will have:

  • Direct contact with me by WhatsApp and email to solve doubts and exchange information throughout the course.  
  • Personalized feedback on your assignments.
  • Access to the recording of each session to review the content. 
  • Additional digital material to practice and expand content. 

Accelerate your learning in small groups and private lessons:

Here's the thing, I like to work with small groups (maximum 6 participants) and with individual classes because it is more personal, you have more opportunity to talk, to practice and participate. So start now.

Program content of level A1:

In this level you are going to learn the following communicative resources, in addition to the A1 level grammar.

Communicative resources:

  • Giving and requesting personal details, saying hello and goodbye, resources for asking about words
  • Expressing intentions, explaining the reason why we do things, speaking about what we know how to do in different languages. 
  • Discovering places, expressing existence and locations, talking about the weather. 
  • Identify objects, expressing needs, shopping: asking for items, asking about pieces, etc; talking about preferences. 
  • Speaking about physical appearance and character, expressing and comparing likes, dislikes and interests, asking about personal relationships.
  • Speaking about habits, expressing frequency, asking and telling the time. 
  • Eating out in bars and the restaurants, ordering and giving information about food, speaking about differente culinary habits. 
  • Describing districts, towns, and cities, discussing what we like most about a place, asking for and providing information on how to get to different locations, expressing likes and dislikes, and emphasizing different aspects. 
  • Speaking about past experiences, speaking about skills and talents, speaking about people`s good and bad points. 


  • The conjugations, the presente de indicativo, verbos regulares, irregulares, reflexivos, pronombres personales, first uses of the verb ser and estar, hay, tener que, preferir, gustar, the pretérito perfecto: 


  • the numbers, nationalities, professions, the alphabets, leisures activities, the colors, clothes, everyday objects, the family, adjectives to describe character and appearance,  the day of the week, the parts of the day, daily activities, the weather, services and location in cities, expression of frequency


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